I've changed my hair


Most definitely not ground breaking news, but it's made me very happy today. I've been blonde for many years but today when I went in for my touch up, I decided to go pale pink and shorter. 

My hair has always been one of the things that I've played around with a lot. I've never been afraid to chop it all off or let it grow long. Perhaps because my hair grows rather quickly - or I feel like it does. Either way, when I'm going with a new look and have that moment of, "What if it looks bad on me?" I know that my hair will grow back and whatever the look, I'll some how pull it off, in a way.

I feel like mindset applies to my life as well. Whenever I'm going for something kinda scary, I think to myself, "What's the worse that can happen? And I'm sure whatever it is, I'll figure it out."

Not all the time mind you, but for the most part. In part because I feel many people are quite sensitive about their hair. It's a big deal to cut it or change the style. So my current theory is that people how people react to their hair changes is how they react to their lives. 

What do you think?