About Hani


Hani Gurung Khaursar is a Writer, Digital Nomad and Maker. Traveling, drinking wine, doing yoga and designing bags for heus+sueh keeps her happy and busy. She’s WSET certified and Yoga Alliance certified, cage free, locally sourced, organic, gluten free, conflict free, fair trade, low carb, grass-fed unicorn and is pretty much a delicate petal. She is totally susceptible to bribery through good wine and food. Be her friend on Twitter and Instagram.

What she writes about on her blog:

She isn't always a fluffy unicorn and oh yeah she'll go there. Expect truthfulness and exploration of the dark side. Though hopefully done with a ray of light. Also Digital Nomad stuff and good vibes. 

Current personal challenges:

  • Write a blog post a day, for as long as I can, even if it's about contemplating the state of my toes. Though I really hope it's not. Don't break the chain. UPDATE: Broke it. Still trying.

Where is she?

Hani loves to travel – even if it just to the next town. She's travelled to over 22 countries and lived in 8 and counting. 

Currently: Berlin, Germany

Next: Suggest something.

Hope you stick around, leave a comment, follow/like/retweet all of that. Happy to have you here!